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women's Ministry

The Women of SDC are committed to grow in fellowship and spiritual maturity.  We come together every last Saturday of each month for a time of fellowship and study.  This year we studied the Book of Philippians which was completed in the month of March, 2020. As women have dug deep into the Scripture they have been challenged to be godly and persevere in their faith. During the lockdown, we continued our study online and presently we are studying the book, ‘The Women of Faith’ through Zoom meeting platform. This fellowship is really helpful to each one of us as this provides us an opportunity to discuss various issues and challenges that we face and also how with Faith we can overcome these challenges.

We also invite speakers from outside DBF to speak in our various meetings like Ladies fellowship, Women’s retreat, etc.

God has been working in amazing ways and we praise Him for answered prayers, for weddings and the gift of children, which lead to celebrations through baby showers and bridal showers. The women of SDC have also been enthusiastically involved in various innovative fundraising events like Bake sale!

Also as these are unprecedented times; we thought in order to encourage and support each other, we started a weekly meeting with the Women of SDC on Zoom where ladies can share their struggles and encourage one another. These meetings have served to develop friendships and have been a time of great blessing, accountability and discipleship.

We always believe that healthy women build healthy homes and a healthy church.

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