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SDC HINDI Ministry

Asha Shahar Satsang

South Delhi Congregation

Started in 2013 in Lodhi Road Complex, Asha Shahar Satsang is a part of Delhi Bible Fellowship, SDC. It works among families who live in the South and the East part of Delhi. With two Hindi services every Sunday, before the lockdown they used to meet in Lajpat Nagar and Kalyan Puri at 10am and 6pm respectively.


Cell Group: We believe that cell groups have an important role to build church families and help them understand the scriptures on a deeper level. Lodhi Road Cell group: Every Friday at 6pm, we meet online for our cell group and study the bible. Kalyan Puri Cell group: We meet every Monday at 6 pm.


Children’s Ministry:

South Delhi Children Ministry: We help kids understand the basics of the Bible and involve them in group activities and programs. The aim is to give them a Biblical foundation at an early age.


East Delhi Children Ministry: Apart from the church in Kalyan Puri, Sunday School is held twice a week and teach children the biblical nourishment they need at this stage of their life.


Men’s Ministry: We have men’s fellowship once a month. It is held on the second Friday of the month at 7 pm. We focus on how to help men to equip them so that they may grow in biblical leadership and spiritual maturity.


Women’s Ministry: Women played big roll during the ministry of Jesus Christ as well as early church. We have women’s fellowship on the third Friday of every month.


Youth Ministry: Youth are the future leaders of the church. We have our youth fellowship every fourth Friday of the month. It is a time to have a meaningful fellowship with relevant topics focused on the youth.


Evangelism: Every church, as a congregation, has the burden to preach the Gospel. We equip and encourage our people to share gospel wherever they are. Time to time, we conduct programs and event to do the same.

God has been so grateful in blessing Hindi ministry of SDC in the past year.  I am giving some of the highlights of this year.

  1. Church Retreat 2019: We had meaningful time in church retreat. We were 45 people in church retreat.

  2. Easter Evangelical meeting 2019: We had Easter program and called unreachable people and shared good news to them. We invited more than 25 people for this program. And few of them are regular in our church.

  3. Christmas Evangelical meeting 2019: We had fruitful time during Christmas and through different evangelical activities like Gospel sharing and carol singing and Christmas we were able to reach 1500 people.

  4. All Night Prayer: We had whole night prayer meeting on 31st December. It was meaningful fellowship.

  5. New Church: We are thankful to God that in the month of May 2019, God has planted new church in Kalyan puri.

  6. Kid Club: God has started new ministry among kids in Kalyan puri and twice a week we meet in Kalyan puri.



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Bible Study on zoom and Facebook live

Day: Saturday

Time 7 pm


Monthly third week fasting:

Daily prayer time during fasting: 7pm


Sunday Satsang

Time: 10 am

Zoom Account no: 123340969

Password: Satsang2013



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