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The Definition and components of Home Groups

Home Group is a group of Christians from 4 to not more than 15 people/adults (I Corinthians 12:12‑27; Galatians 6:1) who meet regularly to fellowship around their common life and purpose in Christ. The focus is to build each other up as the needs of the body are lovingly met. Holy Spirit given gifts are exercised as members mutually care, support, serve one another and learn God's Word. The goal is that needy believers and non-believers alike will be attracted and come to Christ and a new group will be birthed in 12‑24 months.


The Importance of Home Groups:

-Develop meaningful personal relationships, with accountability and experience true fellowship.

-True shepherding (counselling, admonishing, discipling, leading, modeling, etc.).

-Exercise of gifts and practical ministry (hospitality, child care, car pooling, teaching, encouragement, etc)


The Mission of Home Groups

To achieve a balanced New Testament ministry: 
i.e., not only meeting corporately, but also gathering in small groups at homes. Acts 2:42 (A devotion to preaching and teaching and fellowship were priorities that would not be replaced or de-emphasized).

To experience New Testament church life through Fellowship and Edification:
(i.e., to promote growth in wisdom, virtue, holiness and Christ likeness).

To encourage every member ministry:
Believers are first equipped. As they are equipped they minister, and as they minister the body is built up.

To Expand the church in the world:

(i). Home Groups are a tool of Evangelism: as they demonstrate unity, love and worship, which are means of evangelism.
(ii). The Principles of multiplication: Few things are required to carry out our Christ given mandate to multiply:
- An assistant leader must be part of the original group.
- The group itself must know, from the beginning that its objective is to birth new members and a new group.
- The group must be reminded that its joy and unity come from Christ in people, not people themselves.
- Pray about it continually as a leader or assistant.


The Ministry of Home Groups:
What is Involved in a Home Group?

- A home group is a place of fellowship and spiritual edification through many gifts, not just teaching.
- The leader is someone who facilitates the study, rather than just preaching.
- The three basic components in a fellowship group are Bible study, edification (which includes worship, caring and prayer), missions and service. (The leader, and then the group, must be committed to this or the group will either fall apart or stagnate.)
- The two specific missions of the group are to bring new people into the group and to multiply.
- Potlucks, BBQs, outings, as well as group services, such as trips to slums and rescue homes, etc. must be planned and organized.


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