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Walk the Talk
Youth Fellowship

"Walk the Talk" is a youth ministry comprising of studying as well as working youth of DBF South. We are a group of around 15-20 members who meet regularly on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of every month. 


The goal and purpose of this ministry is to fellowship together, share daily struggles and edify one another with a time of biblical teaching and discussions. This helps equip individuals to deal with issues they may face personally as well as helps facilitate and build relationships within the group and the larger church.  


Our meetings start off with some exciting games, followed by a time of devotion through songs followed by biblical discussions. Over the last few months, Walk the Talk members had fruitful discussions on topics like 'Importance of & Challenges in our Prayer Life', 'Faith Heroes from the Bible', 'Lessons from the life of Joshua (by our guest speaker - Melanie Baker), Miracles of Jesus, etc. As a team, we presented "Main Haath Uthaakar Gaunga" as an offertory song in Church. 


We were blessed to have meaningful discussions and fellowship over meals, games, and fun activities, building Christ-centred friendships! This newly formed group is headed under the supervision of Dr. Veio Pou with Nathaniel, Christina, Shalem and Safia as its core team members. 

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