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Every second Saturday, the men of SDC come together for a time of study and fellowship over breakfast.  We normally meet at a facility in Noida, away from South Delhi.  We encourage everyone to come through carpool, which also gives an opportunity to bond together. 

We start our study and discussion at 8 am in an informal set up, sipping our hot cup of coffee. We normally study a book and build our discussions around a chapter or a sub-topic in the book. Currently, we are going through the book “Spiritual Living in a Secular World” written by Dr. Ajit Fernando.  

Coming together as men to study and spend
time together really builds us in our spiritual understanding and equips us to face life’s challenges. Many of us have found answers to some of the pertinent questions at this forum.

At the end of study, we meet for delicious break-fast, specially prepared for us. Breakfast time is also spent in discussion on variety of subjects such as politics, economy, weather, sports etc.

The lockdown didn’t deter us from meeting. 
We continue our study through zoom sessions on every second Saturday at the same time, but from our respective houses. We really praise God for this platform which is very vital in our spiritual growth.

Image by James Coleman


Give us a call at 9013135454 or
drop an email at

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