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Our Vision


To nurture the children to grow in the knowledge and love of God; to help them build up Christ like character in attitude and conduct and, to love one another with Christ’s centred love.


Stars (3-5 yrs) 
Rubies (6-7 yrs)
Topaz (8-9 yrs)
Emeralds (10-12 yrs)
Sapphires (13-16 yrs)

Sunday School ministry has been blessed by the commitment of the teachers who have been faithfully bringing God’s Word to the children week after week. With an emphasis on gospel centered teaching, we as a church have been following the “Gospel Project” curriculum which is taught to the groups under Stars (3-5 years), Rubies (6-7 years), Topaz (8-9 years), Emeralds (10-12 years) and Sapphires (13-16 years).

Our mission is to lead the children to accept Christ as their personal Saviour before they graduate out of Sunday school and fulfil God’s purpose in their lives. Praise and worship, interactive sessions, lesson based creative activities and prayer time, is our module for conducting regular Sunday school classes.

The Past Year


This year we completed two books - “The Rescue Begins” and “Stories and Signs” which focused on Jesus’s life and ministry, his parables and signs, to reflect on the bigger picture of his true identity and his divine purpose on Earth. On the last Sunday of every month, Review Sunday is conducted to reinforce the lessons being taught through quiz, memory verse competition and games, followed by snack time.

Children perform skits, group song and choreography for Easter and Christmas celebrations while ‘Christmas Thanksgiving’ engages the children to testify about God’s goodness in their lives.


The Online

Following the pandemic lockdown, recorded lessons or live classes are conducted by the teachers via the Zoom meeting platform every week with online Sunday school assembly after the Church service. For VBS this year special audio recorded series on “Missionaries’ Stories” and fun activities were sent to the children.

Every year we end the session with a Graduation ceremony and letters of appreciation for our students and teachers.

Children are growing in the love and knowledge of our Savior and are learning to apply God’s word in their lives.

Extra-curricular Activities 

Kids' Camp
Craft Mela

Annual picnics and Kids camps are conducted with themes such as “Clean Hands & Pure Hearts”, “Responsibility”, etc., wherein the teachers and children participate in interactive sessions and have a fun filled time with much gusto. The Sunday school crafts mela organised this year was a great success through God’s grace.

Kakivi Yepthomi

The engaging Bible centric counselling sessions have been such a blessing during the pandemic lockdown. It helped me to cope with my frustration, anxieties and worries which enabled me to stay grounded in the word.

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